Doug Upchurch

Known as a passionate and interactive facilitator and speaker, Doug focuses on helping leaders and teams increase their effectiveness through self-discovery, authenticity, adapting, and connecting.  With over 28 years of experience in the Learning and Development industry and 19 years with Insights, Doug has worked with a variety of teams at all levels in a variety of industries including high-tech, pharmaceutical, biotech/life sciences, energy, health care, real estate, and more.  Doug’s approach is to help teams find the answers themselves by asking the right questions.  Doug has worked with groups of people from 1 to 10,000 given his significant experience as both a coach and keynote speaker. 

Doug is currently Chief Learning Architect for Insights. Prior to this he worked as Head of People Development.  Previously, he worked with the Insights Executive and Regional Management Teams as a Strategic Consultant.  He was also Head of Community Development/Chief Learning Officer for 5 years.  Doug joined Insights in 1999 when he started the first US office in Austin, TX.  In 2003, he became CEO for North America looking after the US and Canada Regional Office Support.  Prior to joining Insights, Doug spent 10 years in the IT training industry including two years as the Executive Director of the IT Training Association, (ITTA).

He currently lives in Portland, Oregon. 

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