Benjamin M. Jacobs

Benjamin M. Jacobs, Associate Research Professor in the Master’s Program in Experiential Education & Jewish Cultural Arts at The George Washington University, has spent most of his professional career preparing social studies teachers and Jewish educators for school and non-school settings, and consulting with various Jewish education agencies on curriculum and teaching. His research, which has appeared in a range of scholarly and practitioner journals, include studies of the history and theory of social education, Jewish education, and teacher education on the American scene. Along with colleagues Barry Chazan (educational philosopher) and Robert Chazan (Jewish historian), he recently published a book, Cultures and Contexts of Jewish Education (Palgrave-Macmillan, 2017), which addresses the historical and contemporary centrality of education in Jewish life, as well as its future prospects. Jacobs directs the iCenter Certificate Program in Israel Education at GW, a 15-credit on-line/on-site graduate degree for in-service professionals; he co-directs the National Educators Institute, a week-long summer workshop for teachers at the National Museum of American Jewish History; and, he serves as chair of the Network for Research in Jewish Education, the leading academic organization in the field.

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